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This fan film involved over 300 collaborators from across the globe and of many backgrounds. It took around 2 years to complete, and it currently sits at over 5 million views. The film is a recreation of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004) where every few seconds switches to a different creator--most animated in 2D and 3D, some stop motion, and some in live action. All of the music is recreated from scratch and inspired by the original, yet given its own twist dependent on each artist that worked on it. A 

cast of impersonators and approximators of the original voices re-dubbed every line and the sound effects were replaced by those available in a public library of sounds. Due to the publicity of the project, two of our contributors were hired onto the official production of the still-running Nickelodeon show the film was based on and when it released a hashtag related to our film was #4 on trending for a few hours. 

For this project, I was one of the five "directors" that put everything together. I was the sole video editor and contributed a fair portion of the audio editing, and I animated two scenes--one in 2D and another in 3D. Both of these scenes are available to watch further down this page. I was mainly in charge of organizing all of our contributors and keeping them on track each month, as well as reaching out as needed, settling disputes, upkeeping documents, etc. I also provided lines for the character Princess Mindy and sang Ween's "Ocean Man" for the cover during the credits sequence. That sequence was also compiled by me and featured many compositing effects as well as art contributed by many of the involved artists. I personally used Maya and Blender for my 3D scene, Adobe Photoshop and RoughAnimator for my 2D scene, Premiere Pro for all video and audio editing, Audacity for recording, and various Google Docs applications for all of the necessary paperwork.


This is a snippet from a personal animation set to Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing" which features original characters Sparko and Dropley walking in the park, the former of which stalking the other with devious intentions to mess with his friend. Individual drawings were made in Adobe Fresco and put into Premiere Pro for timing. It took about a day to create the images needed and about an hour to put together correctly in the video editing software. There is no completed version of this scene, only the animatic.


This is a personal animation set to Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell" based on an unnamed character that appears in the official SpongeBob spinoff, Kamp Koral. This incidental became a beloved figure in the community during the making of Rehydrated, and this animation was the culmination of a lot of the jokes that were built around them. A notable feature of the animation is the movement of its subject and some staging. This animation was done entirely with RoughAnimator and completed in about two weeks.


This was my final project for a class I took. It was made with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Fresco, and Premiere Pro and finished in around three to four days. It involves animated effects, 3D layers, special lighting and occasional camera angles, a Syncro-Vox effect and particle effects.


Various animated .gifs using Adobe Photoshop and Fresco


Jazz Man is a pitch I'm currently working on at my own leisure. It is currently a two-man production and is not constricted to any sort of timeline, but plenty of work has already been done for it. As the production grows, I will eventually make an entire page all its own on this site. For now, however, here are some of the visual elements that have been created by me so far.

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