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About Me


My name is Alexis Weaver, and I am a non-binary multimedia artist. As of May 22nd, 2021, I am 24 years old and have two Associate's degrees with distinction in film and animation. I consider myself a multimedia artist because I have many artistic interests, and am always interested in learning new skills. When learning new things, I tend to be passionate and determined enough to pick them up very quickly; once, in college, I accidentally skipped the intro class for 3D modeling, texturing, and animation but did not want to drop the three subsequent classes, so I was able to become fluent in the program in under two weeks.

As for the skills I already have experience in, there are 3 which I am striving to one day build a career around. In order, my top 3 dream jobs would be:

  1. Creative Lead/Director

The experience I've had hosting the Spongebob Squarepants Movie Rehydrated collab has been unlike any other, and I have loved it with all my heart over these past two years. Before that, I had proven my worth as a leader as the President of the Stark State Multimedia Club by running meetings, organizing our projects and events, and putting 110% into raising enough funds for our trip to the NAB Show in Las Vegas. I feel as though me and my Advisor at the time had done a good 70% of all of the work required which included bake sales, raffle events, and meeting with various business owners around the district of the school to request their participation in said events. My organization skills are strong, and I absolutely love working with teams. I am very friendly but I also know when to be stern, and I am not afraid to do what is needed to be done in order to meet deadlines, discourage certain behaviors, etc.

2. Script Writer/Concept Writer

In the recent past, I have written episode scripts for a small animated series of shorts on YouTube by C204 Animations called The Boys. My favorite episode that I've co-written for so far is featured here, as well as an excerpt from a personal project that I have also been developing in my free time. At my core, I am purely a storyteller, and I always strive for any story I tell to be as perfect as possible. As a person with a strong sense of empathy, I have always been particularly skilled at crafting character dialogue, and as a lifelong fan of film and TV, my way of thinking up stories is detailed in a cinematic fashion. I also strive to keep up continuity when necessary and gladly accept any criticism towards my work that I may turn into a learning opportunity.

3. 2D Animator (Rough and/or cleanup)

A lot of what my free time has been taken up by these days is 2D animation. You can find some of the animations I've done on my YouTube channel, Pasta Dash Creations. I will admit that I am fairly new to animation; I only started in 2019. But I've always had a strong passion for it, and I started very strong with several past experiences of thinking in 3D spaces and drawing. As a lifelong hobby, I've been crocheting stuffed animals and making them entirely by looking at pictures of what I wanted to make. When in college, I started out learning animation primarily through 3D software. It was these two experiences that I believe gave me more of a headstart into animation by allowing me to think of characters and objects from any angle or position, furthermore teaching me how to be consistent and stay on-model. But over time I've drifted more towards 2D animation. I am fully capable of creating 3D assets and animations, but I enjoy the freedom of 2D more and believe that through learning 2D I may also improve my skills in 3D just as the opposite had. 

Current Projects

-2D/3D Animator (scenes 91 and 371)
-Head Editor
-Musician (Ocean Man Cover)
-Voice Actor (Princess Mindy, Usher, Various Others)


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