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I have always been in love with
animation. To watch drawings come to life is like pure magic, and the range of expressions, actions, and styles you can only accomplish through animation knows no bounds. I want to contribute to that special experience for other audiences.

Why Directing?

In 2020, I joined a fan reanimation
project online of the 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. At first, I only joined to practice my animation skills. But what started as a small assignment in a mostly unknown project became a director-type position, two animation assignments, several voice acting roles, a video and audio editing role, a musical cover for the soundtrack, and a reputation that grew over the following two years into the project worthy of 4 million views on YouTube that it had become.

What Were My Duties?

Working with four other people,
I oversaw the efforts of all 300+ collaborators on the project including the animators, voice actors, and musicians. Most artists did their own storyboards, rough animation, cleanup and coloring on their own, and once a month each collaborator who was not yet finished were contacted individually about their progress. I kept detailed documents on who worked on what, their contact information and when each person had been spoken to by staff members last, what still needed to be done, etc. I personally reached out to many of them every month during these check-ins and provided any advice or connected them to others within the project that could provide any assistance they needed. I oversaw auditions for all positions within the project and helped host small contests for posters and fan art inclusions in the end credits.

Why Is This Impressive?

I may not have been paid for my work on
this project, but I always took it as seriously as if I were.
I dedicated most of my time to this project because of
what it meant for the artists involved in it; what I wanted more than anything was for them to have a platform to show off their craft. When I started working on it, I was new to the community and knew that I was lucky to have landed in the position I had. The project had (and still has) a dedicated audience, an original approach no one had yet seen, YouTuber star power, and an entire supportive community full of compassion, raw talent, and experience. I made it my duty to make sure everyone made the most of their experience in this project. Because of this, we caught the attention of the SpongeBob SquarePants showrunner from Nickelodeon and one of our artists was hired onto the production of the official show! Our final product also ended up breaking 4 million views in its first year, made a few news outlets, and was the #6 trending topic on Twitter for a few hours after the premiere. Those are some astronomical numbers for a bunch of amateurs, if you ask me.

Where Do I See Myself in
5 Year

Graduated with Honors and working in the field, either remotely or in-person, on either a family friendly or child centric cartoon production. I will most likely be working as an editor, in-between or clean-up animator, or a storyboard artist. Continuing to learn new skills and strengthen current ones, as always.



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